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Since our inception PFG has produced a wide variety of high precision prisms with stringent specifications for angle, flatness, transmitted wavefront, dimension, clear aperture, surface quality and sharp roof. We are able to supply right angle prisms, pentaprisms, boresight prisms, delta prisms, porro prisms, pechan prisms, risley prisms, corner cubes, rhomboids and dove prisms. We possess the process technology, tooling, know-how and metrology to consistently deliver superior performing prismatic optics. Substrate material very familiar to us include most all optical glasses, fused silica, Si, ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2, MgF2 and Cleartran.

Prism Products Selection

we work with all lens types and complex geometries

Right Angle Prism

Corner Cube Prism

Rhomboid Prism

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Porro Prism

Pechan Prism

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The manufacturing of prisms is fascinating as the scientific basis behind how they work. Only the highest level of precision and incredibly tight tolerancing can be used to manufacture prisms to meet the demands of most applications. Manufacturing prisms in large volumes is difficult and almost impractical, due to their critical number of surfaces and variation in shape and size. Automated processes are less relevant for highly precise prisms being produced in low volumes.

Experienced opticians need to personally inspect prism surfaces during manufacturing in order to verify and adjust as needed, whether it’s during the contacting, blocking, or generating process. Obviously, these require a level of skill and effort to accomplish successfully. It necessitates substantial focus, knowledge, and experience.

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US manufacturer of high precision optical components (UV thru mid-IR) with a multi-decade track record of reliably producing quality commercial and military optics. Capabilities include spherical – doublets/triplets – and flat optics – prisms, wedges, beamsplitters, polarizers, filters, and mirrors. Our in-house coating facility offers a wide variety of custom coatings, including high power laser coatings, ITO, and high durability ARs.

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