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Manufacturers of PRECISION Prisms

If you are looking for an optical prism in the United States, you are at the right place! PFG is a leading optical prims manufacturer and a supplier of a variety of optics for many industries. We produce a broad selection of high-precision prisms with specifications for flatness, angle, dimension, transmitted wavefront, clear aperture, surface quality, and sharp roof. Our prism products include right angle prisms, pentaprisms, boresight prisms, delta prisms, Porro prisms, corner cubes, dispersing prisms, rhomboids, as well as dove prisms. We also have experience producing risley prism pairs used to steer beams in aerospace applications. These risley prisms can be manufactured in various sizes and degrees of wedge.

Our advanced optical components team has the industry know-how behind the prism manufacturing process, technology, fabrication techniques, manufacturing equipment, and metrology to deliver superior performing prism optics. Substrate material we often use includes most all optical glasses, fused silica, ZnSe, Si, ZnS, MgF2, CaF2, and Cleartran.Get in touch with our optical systems division manufactures prisms for best types of optical prisms!

Prism Products Selection

Right Angle Prisms

Right Angle Prism

Precision glass contact for many to use these to deviate the direction of light. With precision right angle prisms it’s possible to use this in a Porro setup when light is incident through the hypotenuse for deflection of 180-degrees.

Corner Cubes

Corner Cube Prism

These act as reflectors, a type of retroreflectors. These optics also can provide great parallelism of incoming and reflecting beams.

Rhomboid Prisms

Rhomboid Prism

These are used to displace a laser beam without changing its direction.

Dove Prisms

Dove Prisms

Compare this product to right-angle prisms, rhomboid prisms missing their top part. We use these to invert images.

Penta Prisms


This is a 5 sided reflection optic also with 4 reflecting surfaces. This has the ability to reflect light at 90 degrees independent of the angle of incidence.

Boresight Prisms
Delta Prisms


This optical element is providing a compact folded form of the Dove.

Porro Prisms

Porro Prism

We these you can edit the image orientation. So the degree of a porro optical system will depend on how many axes the specific image needs to be altered in.

Pechan Prisms

Pechan Prism

We normally use these to rotate an image by 180°. They are also commonly used in binoculars.

Risley Prisms

Risley Prism

This is actually two wedge prisms located close to each other but can be rotated independently.

Anti-reflective Prisms

Anti-reflection coated prisms, right angle prisms compare to enable high light throughput for maximum contrast and also uniform images.

Our optics coatings provide top surface quality and blackening. while these are widely utilized in projection displays, they also have multiple uses for different types of optics: physics, medical, science, telescopes, microscopes, optical instruments, laser diode, lithography, and more. For telecommunications and spectroscopy, we often use equilateral prisms. Our typical coatings include an anti-reflective coating, high-reflector (HR), dichroic, and also polarizing designs. We also offer optical coatings, metrology, laboratory optical component fabrication, and other prism manufacturing capabilities.

Beamsplitter Optical Prism

Our precision optical manufacturing group always supplies our reflective prisms for imaging systems. Due to the total internal reflection (TIR), lighting entering the optic can go through multiple reflections until they reach an output phase. We use custom optical prisms for applications including different types of prisms geometry, cube prism optics, physics, medical, defense, and also research industries contact.

Beamsplitter Optical Prism

Bk7, custom prism grout colors, caf2 prism, micro prims optics, prism optical glasses, anamorphic prisms are all a part of our optics supply. Dispersive prisms are normally in the shape of a triangular prism and are used to differentiate the wavelengths of an incident beam of light into a variety of glass contact precision prism zygo optical paths. We are one of the leading optics products manufacturing companies in the United States.

all types of prisms optics

So you can choose from cube beamsplitters roof prisms compare to projector engines dichroic prisms x cube, prism bk7 contact retroreflective optical, and more. We also work with material bk7 fused silica laser, surface quality scratch dig wavefront compare to guoguang optical glass dimension tolerance, and so on. Moreover, our fiber optical components manufacturer provides to achieve your desired results. Also, the manufacturer of precision optical instruments laboratory has all lean manufacturing certifications and includes a lean manufacturing tool. From prism bk7 fused silica contact, scratch dig paddle, and grade a optical glass dimension tolerance, to tool of lean manufacturing, we can help you with any of your needs!

Our custom prism grout color chart can help you to find your optimal large optical prisms for sale. Our products include laser beam splitter, glass prisms, corner cube prisms, fresnel prisms and rhombs, and other optical systems. A wedge prism has a shallow angle and can be used for beam steering in a Risley prisms pair. So each wavelength will be reflected at different angles thus moving the refractive index for every wavelength contact precision prism polarizing glass. For more information about out fiber optics manufacturing process get in touch!

laser prisms

So what is prism in optics? Center for optics manufacturing companies supplies many other types of prism in optics: precision bk7 fused silica sapphire, a retroreflective optical prism, bk7 contact lenses and cdhc anamorphic optical prism, iso prism, and more. However, our retroreflective optical prism specifications material includes the best types of optical prisms including angle prism precision glass fused silica for opticians. So you can get in touch to find a different variety of custom optical prisms including anamorphic prism lens, prisim optical century low angle prism lens, beamsplitter penta prisms tir etc. Contact anamorphic optical prism manufacturing company for free quotes!

Law of Refraction

To better understand how white light interacts with an optical surface you can see in Snell’s Law of Refraction:


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high precision custom optics manufacturer


The manufacturing of prisms is fascinating because of the science behind how these optics work. We commonly produce reflective prisms for use in imaging systems in both commercial and military applications. In some cases, we apply special coatings to transform these prisms into beam splitters. The use of a prism can oftentimes reduce the size and weight of an optical system and can be easier to align and you substitute a series of mirrors/elements for the one prism.

We have also produced and assembled a variety of prism opto-mechanical assemblies. These are made to print for the customer’s specific application

Coating prisms in large volumes can prove to be difficult due to stringent surface specifications and variation in size and shape. For example, when we produce prisms for laser applications, we maintain 10-5 scratch dig on the surfaces. So, for highly precise prisms being produced in low volumes, automated processes are less relevant as they need special attention to detail.

Experienced opticians need to personally inspect prism surfaces during prism manufacturing and throughout the polishing and shaping processes in order to verify and adjust as needed. This could be during the contacting, blocking, or shaping processes. We assure you that our engineers spend plenty of hands-on time with your tight-tolerance prisms and our inspection team handles and checks each optics with extreme care. Having such an involved team is one of the reasons our quality outshines our competition in the precision prism manufacturing company market.

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We are a US manufacturer of high precision optical components with many decades track record of reliably producing quality commercial and military optics. Capabilities include spherical – doublets/triplets – and flat optics – prisms, wedges, optical beam splitters, polarizers, filters, and mirrors. Our coating facility offers many custom coatings, including high power laser coatings, ITO, and high durability ARs.

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