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40 Years of custom optics & optical lenses manufacturing for toughest business challenges

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“PFG optics company capabilities do not fall on just our equipment and tooling, but the expertise of our engineers and operators”

Precision Optical Products Manufacturer

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With us, you get highest-quality custom prisms, beamsplitters, polarizers, and more. We service all industries and cover all needs imaginable – use our engineering talent to grow your business!

Optical Precision Lenses

Optical Precision Lenses

From military optics companies to research labs, we help create and service any device that requires custom optical lenses. With us you get access to constant innovation and best practices.

Optical Flats

Optical Flats

Our precision optics manufacturers USA capabilities to produce high-performance optical flats includes mirrors, windows, wedges, and filters and they all are made to last and serve. When you work with us, you get optics from top quality optical materials only.

Optical Prisms

Optical Prisms

Prisms are used to manipulate light in complex ways for a variety of applications and equipment. We have the ability and experience to fabricate and coat prisms to the most stringent requirements and complex geometries.

Beam Splitters

Optical Beam Splitters

Beamsplitters are used to separate light into different beams. Our clients use beamsplitters for research settings, but we also work with military devices and with other industries. Our beamsplitters can come in any sizes and coatings.


Optical Polarizers

We produce polarizers in the ultraviolet, visible, and mid-wave IR wavelengths with many split ratios. These precision optical manufacturing components are critical in military and laser applications, but we have produced them for several industries for over 40 years.

PFG Precision Optics Company

PFG Precision Optics Company Advantages

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  • Military defense optics – quality and precision
  • Hundreds of private sector businesses taken to the next level
  • 40 years of consistent quality and high performance
  • Access to top technical and engineering talent
  • Leadership committed to individual and corporate achievement
  • Constant innovation and research, data-driven manufacturing optimization
  • The most effective and durable optics available on the market
  • Get Access to the Latest Innovative Industrial Optics Technologies

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    PFG high precision optics corp clients do so well because we base everything we do on scientific research and innovations and constantly update and improve our technologies.

    Even the most sophisticated optics manufacturing companies projects of our clients get implemented perfectly, because we have the technology, tooling, know-how, and metrology that puts us above anyone else.

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    Spherical optics

    Precision optical components manufacturers deliver high precision lenses for a wide range of defense, medical, semiconductor and metrology applications. Our custom optical manufacturing companies team specializes in high quality lenses featuring high index glasses, high included angles, tight centering and truncation.

    Flat Optics

    We fabricate precision plano optics in any possible shape, size and specification. We’ve worked with over 100 materials including optical glasses, fused silica, optical crystals and optical ceramics.

    Optical Thin Film Coating

    With electron beam and automated ion-assisted coating process technologies, we are able to offer an extensive range of precision optical coatings – anti-reflective, broad-band AR, short and long wavepass filters, beamsplitters, polarizers and high reflectors, both dielectric and enhanced metallic coatings.


    From the cementing of achromats to the manufacturer of precision optical group alignment and mounting of optics in metal housings, we have the experience, process equipment and metrology to complete your sub-assembly.


    We believe that metrology equipment is equally as important as fabrication and coating equipment. Metrology is critical not only because it validates the finished specifications but it also aids in our fabrication and coating process.

    Custom optics solutions for any need

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    Our custom precision optics corporation is your #1 partner for any made-to-order optical components.

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