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“Our capabilities do not fall on just our equipment and tooling, but the expertise of our engineers and operators”

– Travis Green, President

Precision Optics


We manufacture custom lenses, prisms, beamsplitters, polarizers, and optical flats for us in your projects and devices. No matter what your optics needs are, our engineers and technicians can produce the right products for you.


Our custom optical lenses can by used in military equipment, research equipment, and any other device where a custom lens is required. We use best practices to create made-to-order custom lenses and we are continuously innovating our processes.


Our capabilities to produce high-performance optical flats includes mirrors, windows, wedges, and filters. These flat optics can be used to bend, reflect, and filter light and lasers. They are made from quality optical materials with optimal performance.

PFG Prisms Product

Prisms can be used to manipulate light in more complex ways for a variety of applications and equipment. We have the ability and experience to fabricate and coat prisms to the most stringent requirements and complex geometries.

Beamsplitter Product

Beamsplitters are used to separate light into different beams. They are often used for research settings, but we often receive orders for military use along with other applications. We offer custom beamsplitters in a wide range of sizes and coatings.


PFG can produces polarizers in the ultraviolet, visible, and mid-wave IR wavelengths with many split ratios. These optical components are critical in military and laser applications, but we have produced them for several industries for over 40 years.

Why Choose PFG Precision Optics?


PFG has provided optical solutions to the military/defense and private sector for over 40 years. We are driven by the vision to consistently impress our customers, to have people who truly enjoy what they do, and to have leadership which is committed to individual and corporate achievement. Our commitment to continuously innovating our products and processes means you can rest easy, since you know you will get the most effective optics for any situation.


We have assembled a talented team of engineers and technicians that can bring your optics manufacturing projects to life. Whether you need a spherical or flat lens, we possess the process technology, tooling, know-how and metrology to consistently deliver superior optics. 

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