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custom optical thin film coatings

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Custom designed E-Beam and automated Ion-Assisted coating process technologies

Thin film optical coating department

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With electron beam and automated ion-assisted coating process technologies, PFG is able to offer an extensive range of thin film coatings – anti-reflective, broad-band AR, short and long wavepass filters, optical beam splitter, polarizers and high reflectors, both dielectric and enhanced metallic coatings. We offer multiple thin film optics and use FilmStar design and characterization software to create customized coatings. Multiple optimization techniques ensure the end products meet/exceed specifications for all our practical production of optical thin film projects. Customized programs allow us to analyze coating sensitivity, production yields, total coating thickness, the time required to produce the coating, and to the estimated change in surface figure post-coat. We offer thin film optical lens coating and thin film optical filters among many other optical thin films and coatings from materials to applications.

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We clean and inspect our optics in a class 1000 clean room and under laminar airflow hoods with particle counts typically less than 10 (of ½ micron or larger) and use other thin optic techniques to produce absolute pristine surfaces. Custom optical coatings manufacturers understand the criticality of surface roughness, surface cosmetics, cleaning methods and materials, and ambient conditions. We aim to ensure that our process coating film technology and execution satisfy the spectral, mechanical, environmental, and laser damage requirements of customer coatings.

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PFG uses E-beam technology for many of our thin-film coatings because this method is typically faster and less expensive than the alternative application of thin-film coating methods on the multilayer optical coatings market. For thin-film coating optics at lower wavelengths, using E-beam technology allows PFG to produce optics with some of the highest laser damage certifications and longest lifetimes in the industry. However, we have ion-assisted deposition (IAD) which can achieve performance similar to ion beam sputtering (IBS), but at a more affordable cost.


Optical thin films and coating

Including, but Not Limited To:
Anti-Reflective (AR)
Broadband AR
Short and Long Wavepass Filters
High Reflectors
Enhanced Metallic
High Laser Damage
Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)

Review multilayer optical film manufacturer’s standards and best tolerances. However, if these don’t perfectly fit your needs, please reach out to us so we can discuss what we can do for you.

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Custom thin film coatings – in-house testing

For spectral optical thin film coating measurement from UV to NIR practical design and production of optical thin films, we use Lambda 9, Lambda 900, and Lambda 1050 Perkin Elmer spectrophotometers. For IR spectral measurements, thin film optical coating companies US use a Perkin Elmer 983. Coating charts and witness samples are routinely supplied.

We offer advanced thin film optical coatings evaluation and design. Our thin film optical coatings materials indices dispersion and many products are coated with optic thin films.

We also have in-house capabilities to test our coatings for:
  • Abrasion
  • Adhesion
  • Humidity
  • Salt Spray
  • Temperature


High laser damage mirror coatings are extremely important in the laser industry. These mirrors are used to direct laser energy and are often times the coating of interest in the field of high laser damage coatings. PFG participates in the latest laser damage research and routinely has our coatings LIDT tested to ensure we provide our customers with the highest possible laser damage thresholds. We employ best-practice design techniques such as electric field optimization and half-wave protection layers to produce mirrors with maximum LIDT capability. We tailor our processes to the specific wavelength, pulse width, and repetition rate or CW parameters of our customer’s needs. Our E-beam coatings routinely provide some of the best -ns-pulse-width LIDT results in the industry. We also have the capability to provide ion-assist for -ps and -fs pulsed lasers, where higher energy processes provide higher LIDT. In addition, we provide hybrid E-beam and IAD mirrors, which strike a balance between LIDT, bandwidth, and environmental stability.

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PFG has been producing industry leading AR coatings for 42 years. This long history gives us the expertise to apply AR coatings to the full array of optical glasses, crystals, and IR substrates. Known for their high durability, our AR coatings can survive all MIL-spec durability and environmental requirements. We can supply single-wavelength or broadband AR’s in the range 300nm through 5µm. Complimenting our spherical and flat polishing capabilities, we apply AR coatings to our in-house lenses, windows, and prisms. Our design and engineering team can also create a custom AR coating for any need on customer supplied substrates.

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US manufacturer of high-precision optical components (UV thru mid-IR) with a multi-decade track record of reliably producing top commercial and military products. Capabilities include spherical – doublets/triplets – and flat opticsprisms, wedges, beam splitters, optical polarizers, filters, and mirrors. Our in-house coating facility offers custom coatings, including high-power laser damage coatings, ITO, and highest durability ARs.

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