Optical Assembly

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Optical System Assembly

An optical system is built from multiple products along with optical assemblies. Optical assemblies have a variety of individual parts along with kits built to handle standard laser or optical requirements like beam manipulation, focusing, mounting, and alignment. A single optical assembly is typically a more affordable option instead of multiple unique optical components when it comes to designing optical systems.

  • Eyepieces
  • High-Resolution Objectives for Projection
  • High-Performance Scan Lens Assemblies
  • Illumination Systems
  • Laser Focusing Lens Assemblies for Excimer and YAG Lasers
  • Laser Beam Splitter Expanders
  • Sub-Assemblies for Lithography Inspection
  • F-theta Scan Lens Assemblies
  • Machine Vision Lens Assemblies
  • Multi-Element Custom Lenses
  • Night Vision Systems
  • Optical Rangefinders
  • Telecentric Objectives and Assemblies
  • Prism Assemblies
  • IR Objectives