Optical Components

Lenses and Precision Optical Products

Precision lenses

Extensive lens manufacturing capabilities using all types of materials and processes. We select the best process technology to produce the required specifications. This allows us to achieve the required optical performance desired from a given material. Our best practices have been developed from decades-long experience to achieve timely and efficient production.

Optical flats

High performance mirrors, windows, and wedges in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Our technicians are comfortable working with 100+ optical glasses​, fused silica, and crystalline substrate materials. Selecting the optimal process technology and adhesion/blocking method allows us to quickly and efficiently produce optical flats to the most demanding specifications.

Custom Optical Prisms

Made to fit stringent specifications for angle, flatness, transmitted wavefront, dimension, clear aperture, surface quality and sharp rook. Current capabilities include: right angle, boresight, delta, porro, pechan, risley, and dove prisms; pentaprisms; corner cubes; and rhomboids. We possess the technology, tooling, ingenuity, and metrology to consistently deliver superior performing prismatic objects.

Optical Beamsplitters

Extensive selection of tight-tolerance plate and cube, typically polarizing beamsplitters from UV to MWIR. PFG offers an extensive variety of plate and cemented beamsplitters from UV to MWIR in a wide selection of sizes and glass types. Ranging from neutral density to dichroic to bandpass, including both polarizing and non-polarizing, PFG can customize these beamsplitters to meet your specific application. These beamsplitters can be applied to right-angle prisms, wedge prisms, penta-prisms, or rhomboids and may be optically cemented or chemically contacted for improved laser damage threshold.

Custom Polarization Optics

Thin film cube or plate polarizers that deliver an impressive combination of qualities. PFG has stringent polishing and coating process parameters that ensure high quality polarizers. We can match high extinction ratio, high damage threshold, low loss, excellent mechanical durability, and long operational lifetime. Capabilties include: ultraviolet, visible, and mid-wave IR wavelengths with many split ratios.

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