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PFG Optics Expands on State-of-the-Art Spherical Centering & Shaping

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Next level technology enables optical centering less than 10 arc-seconds deviation for an assortment of lens geometries

Ocean Springs, MS, June 22, 2021 – PFG Precision Optics builds on an established reputation in the marketplace with new state-of-the-art optical centering equipment. While less than 30 arc-seconds deviation is widely considered “high precision” in the industry, PFG’s new capabilities will achieve extreme precision in centering of less than 10 arc-seconds deviation for many lens geometries. These capabilities extend an already established lead in the lens making space, formed over many years of perfecting the art.

PFG is leading the field as one of the first U.S. companies to adopt this new technology and software.  Whether it be truncations, step-cuts, tapering, or square lenses – some of the most extreme lens profiles are possible. This new technology can even accommodate contour beveling of almost any shaped edges. High-accuracy truncation and forms will translate to a better fit for alignment.

Adding to PFG’s already established reputation in lens making, new manufacturing capabilities also include in-process laser alignment for higher precision and process control, new cutting tools with finer diamonds on bevels to reduce chipping, and twin cutting tools for lower cycle times. All of this means quicker deliveries for intricately shaped optics.

With these new advancements in this precision centering technology, PFG can provide its customers with the tightest, most versatile optical centering on the market. Please reach out to PFG’s sales team at for more details.

Improved Spherical Capabilities include:

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